Monday, July 30, 2007

Bike Friday Conversion Completed

At long last we finished it. I took it out for a test run and it worked! The brakes were fine, the battery didn’t rattle (much). I love it when I go up hills. I’m no so crazy about it on the flat. And I need a new magnet for my bicycle computer because the old one doesn’t fit on the huge spokes.

I miss the bike that it used to be, though. I’ll have to get used to it, I suppose. I certainly don’t need 27 gears now. About seven would do me. Using a Bike Friday for this purpose is really gilding a lily. I had labored under the illusion that it could be converted back, but I don’t think it can now. Still, I can ride so much further now. My energy is still pretty low. This will allow me to resume a bicycle oriented lifestyle.

Supposedly, I’ll get 8-12 miles per charge. I’m somewhat limited now because I have to run the battery down a few times all the way to condition it. I wanted to take it to Beth’s send-off party last night but I was afraid once I got to 9th and Hawthorne I wouldn’t be able to get all the way home.

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