Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Visit to Clown House to see the Tall Bikes

A three-tier tall bike

A Lawnmower Bike (doesn't cut grass, but it's cute)

Caffeine Jones demonstates how to mount a tall bike

Howard rides a tall bike for the first time
after expert instruction
So, this is only the second post and I’m already straying from the topic. However, I had a lovely experience yesterday. I’ve been an admirer of tall bikes, bicycles that have been welded together in all sorts of crazy ways to create outlandish vehicles. There’s a house on Alberta Street that has a large yard full of these fabulous creations. It was Howard’s birthday yesterday and we had lunch on Alberta Street (at the Vita Café – great vegan food) and then drove down Alberta. I wanted him to see this amazing place. To our delight, the wife of the mad creator, Caffeine Jones, was sitting on the front steps so we stopped to talk to her. I had my phone camera with me (my good camera disappeared sometime during the last couple of weeks in haze of my operation) so I took a number of slightly fuzzy photographs.
Caffeine was accompanied by her young son, who was helping her display the bicycles. He looked to be about two years old, if that, and so was the silent partner. He was very solemn and businesslike. Caffeine assured us that the tall bikes were not as difficult to mount and dismount as they appears and pulled a bicycle from the pile for Howard to try. I had to decline due to health concerns, being rather post-op at present. However, I could admire from afar.
If you wish to learn more about their business as a bicycle clown act, more can be found at http://www.clownhouse.org/.


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canammike said...

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